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Digital photo Photo hardware Macro Body art Gallery
Russian - all of this on Russian language.

Attention! All translation on English is made by the robot. I understand English at a basic level, and I can not make competent translation.

News - news and chronology.
Bodyart - paints, the variety of figures and technician.
Bodyart gallery 1 - several photographs with examples of bodyart
Bodyart gallery 2 - still several photographs with examples of bodyart
Photo catalog of girls - models, condition of work, photo, introduction into the base all of those desiring.
  went with us!
India - autumn 2003 plans of trip and collections. Invite the companions.
spring- years 2003 - flowers and girl on the coast of Black sea. Invite the companions.
   Photo - hardware impression about some cameras and equipment, sjme tips and hints.
Photo hardware - index list
Nikon coolpix 990 - impression about camera, various equipment for it.
canon EOS d60 - common Impressions, Compatability.
Cleaning - cleaning, subjects for cleaning optics.
Remote control - cable for canon of eos 300.
Flash Ring flash for Self-made - part 1 (from
Flash Ring flash for Self-made - part of 2
Flash Ring flash for Self-made - part of 3
" Fotogpafii technique " - chapter from the book, the reference book of terms to the description of flash.
The framework and baguette - by Self-made it is cheap (from
Storage and the drying of optic under in marching conditions.
Reflector for the flash - analog of "Promax" Development, scan.
Light-synchronizer for the flash - it is empty, it is not yet prepared.
Lenses for canon EOS - My answer to asking. It is written.
Soviet lenses - briefly about the cheap USSR optics. It is written.
Macro equipment - equipment for the macro of surveys.Adaptations and their variety.
  Digital chamera - brief course to novice about the selection of digital cameras.
  Gallery - several picture- examples with the parameters of survey.
   Trips - empty in English version!!!
Greece, Crete 1 - impressions and survey/coverage.
Egypt 1 - impressions and advice to that driving off.
Egypt 2 - excursion, councils.Places for photography.
Egypt 3 - still excursion.
France 1 - general/common impressions and councils.
France 2 - museums.Souvenirs.
Italy 1 - impressions and councils.
Italy 2 - excursion.Places for photography.
Ryazan cavalry 1 - departure.
Ryazan cavalry 2 - horses.
Ryazan cavalry 3 - arrival.
   It is other
Contact information - you can write letter here.
Moscow shops and stores with the photographic hardware
Links - links.
Our forum - general questions.
market - for sell - you can write or read about sale of photo-junk.
market - purchase - you can write or read about the purchase of photo-junk.
Work - search and the proposal of the work of models and photographers


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